Organizations and Web Sites with Additional Information on Nonprofit Earned Income Ventures

Helpful Websites

Institute for Social Entrepreneurs - The Institute for Social Entrepreneurs is a for-profit consulting company that provides education, training and consulting services for social entrepreneurs in the United States and abroad.

Social Enterprise Alliance - Social Enterprise Alliance is a membership organization “leading the creation of a social enterprise movement.” SEI mobilizes communities of nonprofit organizations and funders to advance earned-income strategies.

Community Wealth Ventures - Community Wealth Ventures helps nonprofit organizations become more self-sustaining by generating revenue through business ventures and corporate partnerships.

Yale School of Management/ the Goldman Sachs Foundation/Partnership for Non-Profit Ventures - The Partnership on Nonprofit Ventures educates nonprofits about nonprofit enterprise and serves as a mechanism for capitalizing promising profit-making ventures with financial support. The Partnership’s website is rich with informational resources on earn-income venturing and also provides details on its signature event, the National Business Plan Competition for Nonprofit Organizations.

NpEnterprise Forum is the premier listserv of the field of social enterprise, sponsored by the Social Enterprise Alliance. It is moderated by Rolfe Larson and Andy Horsnell.

National Social Venture Competition The National Social Venture Competition, a partnership of the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley, Columbia Business School, and The Goldman Sachs Foundation, is a nationwide business plan competition that promotes the creation of social ventures - businesses and nonprofit organizations with both financial and social returns on investment. Each entrant team includes at least one current MBA student from any school worldwide, and each completes a social return on investment (SROI) analysis. Entrants from over 30 MBA programs competed for $100,000 in awards in 2002, with ventures targeting education, environment, alternative energy, international development, microfinance, community development, and health.

Nonprofit Finance Fund Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) is a federally certified community development financial institution (CDFI) that provides money and advice to help nonprofit organizations meet their long-term strategic goals.

Nonprofit Venture Network - Nonprofit Venture Network (NVN) is a national effort spearheaded by Seedco that provides nonprofit organizations with the supports they need to develop for-profit social purpose businesses.

Partners for the Common Good - PCG is a faith-based, nonprofit international community loan fund that applies the ethical principles of the "common good" to investment choices. PCG lends to nonprofit borrowers engaged in innovative and high social impact activities, including affordable housing, small business development, and other initiatives. 80% of PCG's portfolio is domestic and 20% is international

Seedco - Seedco is a nonprofit national intermediary providing financial and technical assistance to partnerships of community-based organizations and local anchor institutions, such as universities and hospitals, working to revitalize low-asset communities.

Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) - CASE is a research and education center dedicated to promoting social entrepreneurship through a mutual learning process that engages social sector leaders, business school faculty, and MBA students. Its primary goal is “to create greater social impact by encouraging innovation a and enhancing effectiveness in social sector organizations.”

Entrepreneurial Training Institute (ETI) - For nonprofit organizations based in New Jersey, the ETI offers training to nonprofit entrepreneurs through a partnership with the NJEDA, the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, and the Seton Hall University Institute of Work (IOW). The ETI program covers such practical topics as goal setting, financing and marketing. Students develop a business plan for their own businesses (to obtain financing, the development of a business plan is mandatory). Once ETI classroom sessions are completed, the business plans are submitted to a panel of banking, accounting, law, marketing and economic development professionals for a thorough review.
Additional Helpful Organizations

Roberts Enterprise Development Fund - The REDF partners with Northern California non-profit organizations to provide jobs and training opportunities in social purpose enterprises. The REDF page contains general information about the field of nonprofit enterprise, goals, and strategies.

Ashoka - Ashoka's mission is to develop the profession of social entrepreneurship around the world. Ashoka supports individual social entrepreneurs with financial and other services.

Social Venture Partners - Social Venture Partners is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to addressing social and environmental issues in the King County region of Washington. SVP links community professionals and nonprofit organizations to make a hands-on difference.

The Wilder Publishing Center of the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation – offers a variety of resources of interest to nonprofits interested in strengthening their organizational capacity, building financial sustainability, and exploring earned income venturing.