Restorers of Hope

Restorers of Hope

by Amy L. Sherman


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Testimonials About Dr. Amy L. Sherman’s Work


Training and Speaking Engagements:

“Feedback from participants regarding the event was consistently positive; the impact of the event moved a number of churches to action and cemented the ‘FBO openness’ of the local government leaders.”

        --David Mills, We Care America


“Amy can explain complex issues in a way that makes things clear but not simplistic…I can come to Amy and get a great deal of information and perspective on topics, instead of tracking down many disparate sources. I can count on Amy to present the material in a way that is effective.”

     --Fred Smith, Executive Director, The Gathering

“People felt empowered for their ministry.”

    --Dr. Gary McDonald, Southern Methodist University (Sherman was a plenary speaker at SMU’s annual “Urban Ministers Conference)

“Amy’s contributions are so highly valued because she combines a knowledge base, careful rese

       --Fred Marsh, Mission to North America (Sherman was a keynote speaker for the National Mercy Ministries Conference


Research and Consulting:

“Amy Sherman’s work has had a high influence on our organization. Without it, we would still be a small organization just trying to make a dent in the community.”

--Jenny Forner, Executive Director, New Focus National

“Amy Sherman’s stuff is at the heart of our conversations, our thinking… [Her] writing is the meat and potatoes of our training course…She’s had enormous impact on our community.  Amy is a tremendous shaper of our people’s minds.”

       --Andy Rittenhouse, Executive Director, Compassion Coalition

 “[Sherman does] ground-breaking research [that] no one else was doing…we still don’t have much [information] outside what Amy has done.”

         --Joseph Loconte, William Simon Fellow in Religion and Society, Heritage Foundation

“[Sherman] has helped the government community understand how to work with faith-based organizations, and what you can and can’t do when you’re contracting with them…Government officials use her guidebooks to understand how they can potentially partner with the faith community….It has helped me to communicate to policy makers what we’re talking about.”

--Bobby Polito, Former Director, HHS Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

“[Sherman] helps people understand the issues and practical out-workings…I include [her materials] in  our starter kit [for congregations and FBOs wanting to engage in enhanced social service activities].”

--Rev. Phil Olson, Evangelicals for Social Action and Direction, Network 9:35


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