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“One ‘Village’ at a Time: Welfare Reform the Old Fashioned Way: Inner-city Church Combines Faith and Works” World (November 19, 1994)

“Proclaiming Life: Ministry in Chicago's Lawndale” The Christian Century (October 5,1994)

“The Seven Habits of Highly Effective CharitiesPhilanthropy (Sept/Oct, 1993)

“Where You Lead I Will Follow?First Things (February, 1993)

“Markets in the Post-Cold War Era: Controlled or Free?The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty (December, 1992)

“For the Children of the SoutheastWorld

“Lords of Poverty and Servants of the PoorStewardship Journal (Winter 1991)

“Preferential Option: A New Strategy for Latin America's PoorReligion and Liberty (November, December 1991)

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