Getting Started


Sharing GodCFIC seeks to help church leaders develop and implement effective compassion ministries in their communities. We have found that an important first step is growing the congregation’s heartfelt conviction that the work of mercy and justice is central to the Christian’s walk of faith. Hundreds of churches have found Amy Sherman’s devotional, Sharing God’s Heart for the Poor: Meditations for Worship, Prayer, and Service helpful in cultivating such conviction. The booklet includes 17 short devotional meditations suitable for individual or small group use.

ABC's Community MinistryFor a more in-depth study of what the scriptures say about compassion ministry, The ABCs of Community Ministry: A Curriculum for Congregations can help. Originally designed as a 13-week adult Sunday School course, this workbook has been used by many congregations to orient leaders and laity to the Biblical call for outreach and to core Biblical principles undergirding effective community ministry. It includes several practical tools and exercises to assist churches in beginning a new community ministry.

Communities FirstCFIC has also co-published with Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, an advanced study for church-based community development called Communities First. Written primarily by Jay Van Gronigan, a veteran ministry practitioner and consultant, Communities First outlines a rich theological framework for understanding effective and distinctively Christian community development work. It also includes numerous practical workbooks that help church leaders.

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